Mathematics GENiOX - Secundaria 

Edition Nacional; Andalucía; Murcia 
Language English 
A flexible and motivating CLIL project for Secondary students that covers all curriculum content and adapts to the bilingual needs of all centres. This project is completely integrated to GENiOX in Spanish for Secondary.

  • Choose flexibility and cover all educational needs
    Two options to choose from:
    Get the best of both worlds with our pack GENiOX that includes full learning and teaching resources in Spanish and CORE in English. You decide the time and content to teach in each language as resources to do so are available in both.
    Simply CORE in English. CORE covers all curriculum content and is a reduced version of the book available in Spanish. Resources for the student are in English but the teacher also has access to resources in Spanish for mixed ability classes.
  • Students progress with CORE, a new teaching concept in CLIL
    CORE contains, in English, the key content found in the Spanish version. CORE is not simply a translation. Theory is reduced and content is presented through listening activities, images and charts.
    Content in CORE has been carefully adapted to students’ English level at each stage. The accessible language used boosts understanding and keeps students motivated. There’s also plenty of vocabulary and academic language support, and the variety of ways in which information in presented (maps, flowcharts, charts etc.) aids student comprehension.
  • An identical approach and format across all subjects
    In CLIL GENiOX, students actively develop their communication, comprehension and critical thinking skills as they learn the subject content.
    Mathematics includes a double page structure, one for theory and one for practice that includes activities for communication skills (CLIL Zone) and information on how mathematical language differs between English and Spanish (Lost in translation).
  • Oxford Bilingual Journey supports your school on the path to bilingualism
    Customisable options for all teaching situations and levels of English provide a flexible framework to help Bilingual Coordinators to choose the best integrated option for the bilingual classroom. Oxford Bilingual Journey provides the necessary materials to make this challenge easier while addressing bilingual diversity within the classroom. It also includes professional development and teacher support services.
Components imagenFor the student
  • Spanish and CORE Book pack
  • GENiOX Desktop for students

imagenFor the teacher
  • GENiOX Desktop for teachers
  • Oxford Premium

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