Time-Trekkers - Secundaria 

Edition Nacional 
Language English 
The exciting collection of illustrated graded readers for Secondary that brings major topics in the Spanish History curriculum to life. History like you’ve never seen it before!

Key Features

    Cartoon-style illustrated readers for Secondary that bring major topics in the Spanish History curriculum to life.
  • Graded to B1 level to optimize your students’ learning experience.
  • Before, during and after reading activities to check understanding and develop content.
  • Fully dramatized audio of the entire text available for download at
  • A glossary to help with more challenging vocabulary.

Additional Information

  • Spanish teachers have helped us to choose topics that will interest your students.
  • Time-Trekkers build on the Spanish History curriculum in a way that will motivate your students to read and learn more.
  • They consolidate History vocabulary and linguistic skills.
  • Visit for further information
Components imagenFor the student
  • Reader + Audio recording of the entire text

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