Oxford CLIL Literacy (Social Sciences) - Primaria 

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The missing link between CLIL and ELT. Achieve active comprehension of content through analytical activities adapted to the Social Sciences curriculum and creative expression (both oral and written).

New for 2020

      The collection is now complete! There are now 24 titles that cater to varying English levels, across the 4 main bilingual subjects. This collection covers all 6 Primary levels and there are titles for Social Science, Natural Science, Music and Arts.

    Key Features

      Oxford CLIL Literacy is available for all six levels of Primary and is directly related to the Social Science curriculum, focusing on the following core skill areas:
    • Oral expression
    • Reading skills
    • Creative writing skills

    Additional information

    • This series is completely flexibility: it can be used throughout the term as additional support, between units or as standalone reinforcement activities.
    • Go to to find out more!
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