My Little CLIL World - Infantil 

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Language English 
Centred on project-based CLIL methodology, our Pre-Primary course will spark your students’ curiosity with practical experiments and questions about the real world.

New for 2020

      As you requested: More flexibility than ever! All 6 projects can be worked on separately at levels A and B in our new modular edition. There are 3 projects for each level. Level A: Art and Colours, Inventions, Space Level B: Animals, Food, Our World

    Key features

    • Organic, enquiry-based learning paths provide the perfect combination of flexibility and guidance.
    • Engaging, project-driven approach inspires students’ imaginations and invites them to explore the world through exciting experiments, crafts, songs, and documentaries.
    • Motivating resources created specifically for English learners develop thinking skills across all curriculum areas, promoting deep understanding of both language and content areas.
    • Introduction to the scientific method is inherent in every path, encouraging autonomous learning and critical thinking skills.
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