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  Sciences - Primaria 

Edición Nacional 
Idioma English 
Covering the entire Science Spanish curriculum and taking into account the real level of English of the students, its methodology helps students to completely understand the contents.

Key Features

  • The first publishing project in Spain that addresses the challenges that teachers of Social and Natural Sciences in English are currently facing.
  • Arouses children’s natural curiosity about the world they live in.
  • Applies scientific concepts to the real world and to their everyday experience, making learning more relevant.
  • Enables and emphasizes the understanding of processes and concepts.
  • Encourages the teacher to carry out experiments which will enable students to learn through observation.
  • A range of vocabulary that is recycled throughout the course.
  • Simple sentence structures which help students’ understanding of concepts.

Additional Information  

    Digital book for third cycle: the digital version of the Teacher´s Book includes a wide range of multimedia and photocopiable tools that can be directly accessed via book pages in classrooms with or without internet access.
Componentes imagenFor the student
  • Student’s Book
  • Activity book (available for 3-6)
  • Audio CD
  • Story Pack (only available for first cycle)

imagenFor the teacher
  • Teacher’s book
  • Oxford Digital DVD-ROM (+ more information)
  • Wall charts set
  • Set of story posters (only available for first cycle)
  • Flashcards
  • Concept cards
  • Audio CD (available for 5-6)
  • Training and Support

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