Oxford Basics for Children

Teacher Development

A series for teachers of young learners which provides adaptable teaching ideas in an easy-to-follow format.

Key Features

  • Each unit gives details of a lesson or activity including the language point, preparation, and step-by-step guidelines for each stage.
  • The series can be adapted to any teaching and learning environment and is especially suited to situations where access to resources is limited.
  • Available titles: English Through Music, Listen and Do, Starting and Ending Lessons, Storytelling, Vocabulary Activities.

Additional Information

ISBN list:
  • Starting and Ending Lessons: 9780194422994
  • Vocabulary Activities: 9780194421959
  • Listen and Do: 9780194422406
  • Storytelling: 9780194419765
  • English Through Music: 9780194422703
Components imagenFor the student
  • This title does not have additional components

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