Into the Classroom

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 Gordon Lewis. 

Technical data /Description
A step-by-step guide to using tools such as interactive whiteboards, word processing applications, and the internet in class.

Additional Information

  • Bringing Technology into the Classroom helps you make informed choices about the type of technology to use and how to integrate it into your teaching.
  • Fills the gap between technology's potential and current classroom practice, describing and explaining technologies in non-technical language and providing tips on using interactive whiteboards.
  • It includes a checklist of technology tools and photocopiable worksheets to illustrate the use of different technologies.
  • The website presents interactive activities showing technology in action.
  • The book instils confidence in selecting and applying technology in the classroom.
imagenFor the teacher
  • Bringing Technology into the Classroom

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For the Teacher:
  • Bringing Technology into the Classroom: 9780194425940


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