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Starting from research showing that reading for pleasure helps learners improve their English, this book explains the substantial value of extensive reading in any language programme.

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  • Bringing extensive reading into the classroom is a practical guide to help teachers understand what extensive reading is, the benefits it can bring to learners, and how to introduce it to the class.
  • It shows different approaches, focusing on:
    • The importance of extensive free reading.
    • How extensive reading materials are developed and how to choose the right graded readers for the class.
    • Introducing and exploiting class readers.
    • Developing class libraries.
    • Setting up and running reading circles.
  • In addition, four extensive reading case studies describe projects in a range of learning environments.
  • Each chapter has been written by an acknowledged expert in the field of extensive reading.
imagenFor the Teacher
  • Bringing extensive reading into the classroom

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For the Teacher:
  • Bringing extensive reading into the classroom: 9780194424066


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