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Recommended readers for the Primary series Family and Friends.

Key Features

  • Carefully graded to match the syllabus of the Family and Friends series.
  • Extra reading practice for use in the classroom or to support learning at home.
  • Includes an illustrated glossary on each page help children understand the text, comprehension questions and puzzles to broaden literacy skills.
  • They consist of a mixture of classic and modern titles.

Additional Information

    The following titles are available:
    • Level 1 – Benny and the Biscuits
    • Level 2 – The Camping Trip
    • Level 3 – Two Kites
    • Level 3 – Sinbad
    • Level 4 – Sherlock Holmes – The Blue Diamond
    • Level 5 – Around the World in 80 Days
    • Level 5 – To the Rescue
    • Level 6 – The Secret Garden
Components imagenFor the student
  • Reader

Related Titles

  • A series that challenges and motivates children, combining a phonics programme with strong skills training and a fast-paced grammar syllabus.
    The only grammar series that is completely appropriate for students just starting primary school.
  • The perfect way to improve reading and writing! A full-colour, six-level supplementary series to develop reading and writing skills in the primary classroom.
    The new levels of this exciting series of non-fiction readers provide interesting and educational content, with activities and project work.


Atención al profesorado


ISBN Index

For the student
  • Level 1 Benny and the Biscuits: 9780194802543
  • Level 2 The Camping Trip: 9780194802581
  • Level 3 Two Kites: 9780194802642
  • Level 3 Sinbad: 9780194802628
  • Level 4 Sherlock Holmes – The Blue Diamond: 9780194802680
  • Level 5 To the Rescue: 9780194802871
  • Level 5 Around the world in 80 days: 9780194802857
  • Level 6 The Secret Garden: 9780194803007

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