Gramática Oxford Primaria



 Jennifer Seidl. 

Technical data /Description
An essential reference tool for Primary students, with clear explanations in Spanish, practical examples and graded practice activities that guide students step by step through all the main grammar points covered in Primary.

Key Features

  • Easy-to-follow presentations in the form of dialogues.
  • Practice exercises at the end of each unit.
  • Grammar explanations that take into account the needs and typical errors of the Spanish-speaking student.
  • It can be used alongside any Primary textbook.
  • The Answer Book includes photocopiable resources for teachers, which can be used for extension work.
  • Available from 1st to 6th grade.
Components imagenFor the student
  • Student's Book

imagenFor the teacher
  • Answer Book

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For the Student:
  • Gramática Oxford Primaria: 9780194444002.


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