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 ELT Catalogue 2016 Oxford Magazine
Oxford Rooftops Great Explorers Big Surprise!
Welcome to our community! Oxford Rooftops is the innovative course with an inviting sense of community at its heart. An exciting blend of digital and print materials provides perfectly paced lessons that bring Rooftops and its inhabitants to life.
Join the journey! A new edition of our winning Primary course, Great Explorers provides a gateway into the lives of children in the UK and around the world and builds confidence and language along the way.
Open up, and discover! Big Surprise! includes all of the elements that made Surprise! so popular. The best-selling course is waiting to be re-discovered, now with new resources, more content and even bigger surprises.
Incredible English Kit Family and Friends Ace!
Learn Incredible English and more! Take your pupils further with Incredible English Kit 3rd Edition; combine language learning with other skills such as learning to learn, working with others, and learning other subjects through English.
To be the best, you need the best… Family and Friends 2nd edition challenges your pupils with an ambitious skills training programme and a fast-paced grammar syllabus. There is also extra focus on exam preparation and phonics.
Succeed and shine with Ace! A well-supported, story-based course for high-level schools, with a sparkling look and an engaging concept that guarantees exam success.
Stay Cool Oxford Science Content
Success for every child… children learn more, grow in confidence and are inspired to succeed. A new edition of the best-selling Cool Kids Primary course, revised and updated according to teachers’ feedback and in order to reflect today’s classroom.
Amazing bilingual support for the English class. Oxford Science Content is a full-colour 6-level series of activity books designed to teach part of the Social and Natural Sciences curriculum in English at the right level for your students.

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