Pre-Primary (4)
 Catalogue 2019 Readers Catalogue
Archie's World I Want to Be… Storybooks Daisy Robin & Me!
Play, learn, and explore a world where toys come to life with entertaining stories, crafts, and songs. Combine Archie’s World Class Book, Archie’s World Play and Learn Pack, and Archie’s World Phonics as needed to suit your classroom and timetable.
Step into a world of incredible adventures Creative, topic-based tales put young learners at the centre of their own imaginative learning journey.
A brand new pre-primary course that encourages learning through play and builds on children’s love of dressing up.
Floppy’s Phonics Student Packs
A new synthetic phonics teaching programme developed by phonics expert Debbie Hepplewhite. It has a clear progression through five levels, ensuring your students gain confidence in English, good pronunciation and phonetic awareness.

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