Archie's World


Play, learn, and explore a world where toys come to life with entertaining stories, crafts, and songs. Combine Archie’s World Class Book, Archie’s World Play and Learn Pack, and Archie’s World Phonics as needed to suit your classroom and timetable.

Key Features

  • Loveable toy characters, development of social and emotional skills, and a multisensory approach create a unique learning experience for every child.
  • Archie’s World Class Book Pack provides a strong vocabulary syllabus with an introduction to literacy, through an engaging course which develops competences for lifelong learning.
  • Archie’s World Play and Learn Pack encourages children to learn through play with fun, hands-on activities with a communicative approach to get students actively engaged and spark their natural curiosity.
  • Archie’s World Phonics is a flexible phonics and literacy course which improves pronunciation in English and develops the reading and writing skills students will need in Primary school. The course has been developed specifically for non-native English speakers, who are also learning to read and write in their own language.
  • Any of the Archie’s World resources can be combined with My Little CLIL World to build skills in the areas of Pre-Primary Science and Art.
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