English for Specific Purposes (6)

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Oxford English for Careers Express Series Highly Recommended
A new, up-to-date series of courses where students learn the English they need for a career in commerce, tourism, nursing, medicine, or technology.
An expanding series of 25-30 hour specialist courses for different professions, work skills, industries and now also available for sports and leisure.
Provides simple, practical language for trainees in the hospitality and catering industry who need English to deal with customers and colleagues, from taking reservations to giving explanations and instructions.
Tech Talk Workshop Oxford English for Information Technology
A course for adult learners in the technical, industrial, and scientific sectors, who need English for everyday workplace communication.
Each Workshop Workbook prepares students studying a selected vocational topic (Tourism and Catering, Business and Commerce, Engineering, Information Technology) for the English they will need in the real world.
For learners specializing in computing and information technology at universities and technical institutes, or for professionals working in a range of IT sectors.

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